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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
There can be cordial and decent divorces, just few and far between. I applaud those who have them.
The problems seem to arise when one or both parties have unrealistic expectations, or want to use the system to "get even" with their soon to be ex.

What floors me is the guys that think that their stay at home or underemployed spouse deserves nothing because he was the one bring home a paycheck or the larger paycheck.

They seem to forget that the female was raising their kids, and or disrupted their education to raise children resulting in them not having the earning capability of their male counterpart.

We are fortunate. My wife makes as much or more than I do. This results in her having a feeling of equality and security. I hope she never boots me out, but if she does, we will both be just fine, and I'll be living on a very nice boat, while she will be secure living in a nice home.
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