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Well I think this discussion will be finally resolved right after we determine which is the best anchor, which is better singles or twins, which prop nut goes on first. As one who lives "aboard and worked on the water around hundreds if not thousands of boats day in and day out." many comments here have raised the possible failure modes, but the probabilities are so very low. The examples of hypothetical failures include several simultaneous failures which are necessary to create a sinking. A bilge pump can handle it if large enough. My 1500 does handle it, but the discharge hose run is short, 6 feet. . A longer discharge with higher head might not keep up.. A bilge pump that cannot keep up will none the less slow the problem giving more time for the problem to be noticed. If you leave your boat unattended for long periods with the city water turned on, then you might be inviting trouble. Leaving the boat for a few hours has no demonstrated significant risk.
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