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I find it interesting how each boater evaluates and prioritizes risks...
I am not trying to sway anyone here...just making an observation and a statement.

Many folks feel an open seacock is a risk and close them when not in use...others leave them open even when leaving the boat.

Some see shore water as too high a risk and wont use it...others use it cautiously while aboard. ...awake...etc.

How many have heard of (or have personally -ok I'll confess) boaters putting water in the fuel tank thinking they were filling the FW tank? I'll bet there are many but we interestingly perceive that risk differently.

The second part of the observatipn is that we are usually inconsistent in our risk that I mean...we dont tend to be overly cautious and consisyently choose the safest approach but rather seem to pick and choose where to be cautious.

Certainly there are devices, systems, ways to minimize the risks in all cases but we also frequently choose to not bother with the mitigation side of a risk.

And lastly...the justification tends to be antidotal vs fact or data based...I guess thats what makes us human
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