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Originally Posted by Rustybarge View Post
I've just sold my 125cc Chinese Monkey bike that i kept on the swim platform , and I'm looking for a replacement that can cruise at euro truck speed of I think (?)100kph or 62mph.

Any suggestions .... ?
I picked up my 1986 Honda Nighthawk 700S last year for next to nothing, just had to dig into the trans and replace a shift pawl and spring ($18 in parts including oil) have put close to 30,000 miles on it since then with nothing but oil changes, 2 rear tires and one front, and just put all new brake pads on. I got maybe $1000 in it total, and I average 46 Mpg cruising 60-70 MPH. It is right around 500Lbs I think, but feels small and light weight.

Lots of small bikes like mine out there that just need very minor things done and you can have a great bike for dirt cheap. I have ridden this one for 1000 miles in one day and think it is very reliable, I ride it to and from work every day. Hijack....sorry....PM me if you wanna chat
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