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Add Rolling Chocks to a "hard chine" Taiwanese Trawler?


*Women and Boats.

*If i can keep your attention i have saved the best to last.

*The reason i mentioned two captains in my recent post *is because i would not have our boat if it were not for Mavis , over the years *she has contributed more than you could imagin to our boating enjoyment.*

*Works this way, we have been married 54 years that is to say we have done allot together, we are always together in every thing we do .

*Ham radio ,Mavis has her ticket; Motorcycling over the Blue Ridge Mountains ; Gardening , she has her own power lawn mower, professionally she managed 13 satelite branch outlets for a large department store.

*Mavis has been to sea 5 times with me on sailboat she has done more than her part, *when were racing offshore sailboats Mavis would always come along, and do night deck watch also.

**Ok ! what *else did Mavis do :-

** *Steer/ Sail the boat; Stuffing Spinnakers;*Triming the mainsail; Provision the boat; coil ropes, and allot more.

*Our boat has two captains when she is on the wheel i defer to her, Mavis is very strict on every thing including ordering *engine inspections, she maintains the log book and knows more about the weather than the seagulls.

** Captain Mavis Cave ,has earned that right.

*A story

**There are three on this sail boat, Mavis , Donald and the Owner/ Captain , *at the end of a *5 day delivery from Bermuda up to Long Island Sound, *this is when *a weather front hit us at night at low tide just inside the sound but East of The Race . We could not even see the bow of the boat.

We were both on deck taking turns on the wheel all we had was the compass,the owner was plotting and calling our course off down below using a stop watch .

*This event was the house of horrors ,through out the entire night we short *tacked back and forth.

Fear was not part of the equation that night.

*King Neptune was having a temper tantrum.

**It was very windy; thick heavy fog; Raining and very cold , both our foul weather gears leaked *.

My woman stood by me and continues to do so.

*Mavis walks amongst the gods of the sea.*

Our boat has two captains , it is for*the love of the sea.

*On our 54 st wedding anniversary i asked her would she do it all over again.

*Mavis is an exhibition Ballroom Dancer *and to top all that she is drop dead gorgeous and very humble.

*A life lived in fear is a life half lived.

Donald & Mavis

*Bless you all.

**A woman, stands atop of the widows walk, *to wait the return of *her husband from the sea.






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