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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
Sigh.........The forward cruise air passport II control panel is rediculous. Does anyone have one of these? If so, where is the sensor located?

My read out is 132 on a good day. Can't leave the air on overnight since it thinks its over 100 degrees. It's more like 74 degrees.

I'm ready to throw up the white flag on this one after reading the manual and working on it for several hours yesterday with no result. It cools just fine, just doesn't know when to shut off!
The control unit either gets its temp reading from the touch panel or a air temp. sensor you plug into the control board located in the control box that you run to the return air grill/coils.

I prefer the unit gets it's temp. reading from the return air. If it gets its reading from the touch panel it could actually be seeing the temperature of the panel it's self. Not the air temperature.

In other words if the wall the touch panel is mounted on can get heated from the sun or and air space behind it and transfer the heat to the touch pad that is what the A/C unit will think is the air temperature in the room.

Same is true if the panel gets colder that the air temperature of the room.
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