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Originally Posted by tomkallman View Post
There will be an American Tug 395 at the show so if you are wandering around...

Hi Bruce... I'm relatively new to the game - this will be my third Newport and this year I'm coming up to sign a contract for a Nordic Tug 40 (the somewhat stretched out version of the 39 (as you probably know)(which is the stretched out version of the 37 - or maybe even the same version!)... Anyway - my wife and I love the feel of New England, lobster rolls, and general nautical "historic" feel the place has. We were not lucky enough to experience it in its heyday (when the Cup was still untarnished there), but we're starting to make memories.
I'll be there Friday and Saturday - we definitely thought long and hard re: American Tug 395 - LOVE many of the features, but in the end the adjustments NT made with the 40 tipped us that way... Well - to be completely honest it was the post-sale support system NT has in the N.East that swayed us.

We're excited - first time boaters... Got the classes all lined up for this fall and early next year and NT 40-07 will be delivered to Essex, CT in January/February 2017.
Safe travels - I will try to swing by the AT 395 to introduce myself.
P.s. About to make my first "original" post on this site, hoping the adage "there are no dumb questions" applies to me as well!
Congrats on the new boat!!!
If you see me, stop me and say hello. I will be wandering around in a "walking boot/cast" thing on my right foot so I should be easy to find...
Have fun at the show!
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