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In my experience two things help.

1. Clean the bilge. Soap, water, and a brush. Rinse well. I usually follow it with some bleach. I mix up a 10% solution of household bleach in a spray bottle and spray down the bilge after cleaning and rinsing, let it sit for a while and them rinse it again. Keep in mind that bleach is corrosive.

2. Keep it dry. You can't get rid of all the water in a bilge on many boats, but you can keep the air dry. I use a dehumidifier running 24/7 when we are not on the boat. Have some way to get air to circulate through the boat be it open hatches or small fans. The air just need to move a little, you don't need big fans.

This assumes that you have found and fixed any fuel leaks and that your sanitation hoses are in good shape.

But get Peggy's book and read it. You will find facts there instead of our conjecture.

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