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Originally Posted by Gdavid View Post
I would like to bring the subject of the FW pump back up. When they do fail, it rarely has anything to do with circulation unless the bearing seizes up. The impeller is non-interference so they aren't worn and they aren't exposed to salt so they don't corrode away. They either leak at the seal which wouldn't cause any "slight raise in temp", it would have no impact as long as fluids are topped off and would have a dramatic rise in temp if they aren't topped off. If the bearings wear out (frequently due to a leaking seal) and the pump continues to circulate at the same rate until it is fixed or fails catastrophically, neither would be slight.
I am not implying any funny business, maybe he is doing a few maintenance things at the moment but the FW pump would not be my first suspect for this symptom.
I tend to agree. Leakage is the usual problem when a pump goes bad, and bearing failure if it's left for too long. Seldom, if every do they cause overheating.

But I think the most likely explanation is a repair tech who is doing what too many do best - guessing and replacing parts in hopes of fixing the problem. I wouldn't worry too much about the pump, and focus on pushing the engine at sea trial to see if it over heats. Then take it from there.
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