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So there is no study on a small ozone maker placed in a small space such as a bilge.

You can conduct a very reliable study yourself: Turn it off--not just for a long weekend, leave it off--and see how long it takes for odor return. If the concentration of ozone was high enough to destroy the source(s) of the odor, it won't. However, if it was high enough to do that, it was also high enough in that small a space to damage rubber.

I actually think Fresh Wave is the same formula as Pure Ayre,

If you'd read the MSDS for both products (information readily available on the net), you'd know it isn't. Active ingredients in PureAyre are proprietary food grade yeast byproducts, pure essential oils, purified water and potassium sorbate.PureAyre is also rated for use around food (which means you can use it in fish boxes and to get rid of the odor in your fridge left by meat that spoiled when the power failed). No mention to keep out of the reach of children.
PureAyre MSDS

Fresh Wave is just a "proprietary blend (Trade Secret) of plant extracts (essential oils), surfactant and water." No mention of whether it's rated for use around food, but does warn to "Keep out the reach of children, All individual ingredients of this material have a known acute toxicity" which I suspect would rule out using it anywhere it could come in contact with food. Fresh Wave pods MSDS The key difference in PureAyre is food grade yeast by-products--enzymes--that destroy the source(s) of odors. Plant extracts don't produce any enzymes.
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