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Originally Posted by Roger Long View Post
Presuming we decide on generator replacement, what does this group think the best choice of generator make would be?

Now, here is a strange question from a naval architect? How many KW do we really need for this boat? I've done electrical load analysis and generator selection many times but it was a quarter century ago (after that I had "people" to do those things). Besides, I trust real world experience more than calculations on this kind of thing.

I'll be in a car for the next couple of days and need to get an approximate handle on this while negotiations may be going on. The boat is 43 feet long with two reverse cycle AC units, electric stove, separate refrigerator and freezer, and the usual stuff. We got by with an inverter on our last trawler, even with an AC only household fridge, so we are not big electrical consumers.
Lots of good choices in generators. Real happy with my Onan. Things I would look for are low speed (1,800 RPM) for less noise, which engine (like the 3 cylinder Kabotas), and a good sound shield.

As to size, my 45' boat has 3 air conditioners, electric stove, electric water heater (and engine heat exchanger), 125 amp battery charger, clothes washer dryer, and microwave for the primary power consumers. Not sure I could run it all at the same time off my 8 KW Onan, but most of the time I'm hovering at 50% or less which is were I want to be. In my cruising, the stove, electric water heating, and washer dryer rarely get used (more likely when tied to the dock). So for me, 8 KW is a good fit. You may be able to go smaller, but not much.

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