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Originally Posted by Rossland View Post
Sorry to burst your bubble, but I think you should pass on this boat. FW pump sent out for rebuild? Usually just the impeller needs to be replaced, which is a simple job that can be done in the boat. Perhaps the pump was just an excuse so you wouldn't notice major engine problems.

And serious oil and water leaks from the generator? Plan on removing the generator from the boat and sending it away for repair. Assuming that the generator is the same age as the boat, 41 years old, it is not surprising that seals and gaskets would have dried out and cracked. Probably true of the main engines too.

I guess what I am saying is that it will be much cheaper in the long run to pay a little extra for a much newer boat, and hopefully avoid these problems. Good luck in your search.
Think you're mistaken.

The impeller that normally needs to be replaced is on the raw water pump not the fresh water pump. An engine running a little warm usually isn't a big deal to repair. Could be one of the pumps, the heat exchanger needing to be cleaned, the thermostat needing to be replaced, or a fouled raw water strainer.

Replacing the raw water pump is certainly no reason for removing the generator. Buying a newer boat doesn't mean that the water pump won't leak. When I bought my boat it was 12 years old and both the generator and the propulsion engine raw water pumps were leaking (900 hours on the engine 500 on the generator).

While I agree with Ski that a new generator would be a good investment, it sounds like you might be able to square this one away enough to postpone a replacement for a couple of years.

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