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The 7.5 MDJ series can be made reliable, it is not known as a chronic leaker.....BUT... It is a very rough and loud machine. Two large cylinders and about the worst dynamic balance you can get out of diesel except for a single cylinder, and it ain't much better than that.

If you want to put money and effort into fixing the gennie up, it can be done. Due to age there may be some parts finding challenges, but most can be overcome with diligence and creativity.

My recommendation would be to replace it with a modern 3 cylinder 1800rpm unit. Many good brands out there in the 8kW range. Smooth, quiet, reliable.

Nothing like being on a trip with a dead gennie and no parts to be found.

How to negotiate that into a purchase contract, tough nut if old one is at least somewhat functional. Hard to get seller to discount enough for a new machine. But trust me, a new one would be worth it if boat intends to travel.
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