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RE: New Dinghy help

Over the years we have stuck with Livingstons as they are very stable, I can stand on the gunnels, do not sink, can be drag/run it up on rocks/concrete shore and last for decades. A couple of years ago we bought a used center consol 12 ft Livingston, with a 4 hp Merc, and a 25 hp Merc.* Most summer I wash/polish the water side standing on the gunnels of the Livingston.
We also have a hard bottom rowing/sailing 12 ft dink that I let the grandchildren play with for the last 14 years which they have beaten and swamped many times.* Each spring I repair the dings, repaint it and its ready for another summer of abuse.* In the summer I like to row around the marina, we have not sailed it for years, so we have a 3 hp OB on it.*
If you buy an inflatable make sure you do not over load it and/or too much HP as the transom will flex.* Most leaks are where the tube and the transom are glued together.* Very hard and expensive to fix.* If seem most boaters that have an expensive/fancy inflatable treat them with kid gloves.* **
So if you want a dink that will last for decades, stable, unsinkable, and will take almost anything, then get a Livingston or at least an all fiberglass/plastic dink.*
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