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Originally Posted by tinped View Post
So how do you know.Whether its nordhavn,kadey krogen,marlow,etc,,all considered top notch manufacturers,they are not sending everything over there just to be assembled.Yes,maybe the engines,gennies,the big stuff,but what about the stainless steel,or the hardware,or lighting ,etc. I assume the majority of that is local sourced,purchased by the builder,not by the manufacturer.I don't think(imho)that nordhavn actually has the stainless tested to make sure it is 318 grade,but maybe they have to go that far,otherwise how do they keep the quality control?
You keep quality control by having someone on site at the factory every day and by having your own quality control personnel checking things and while I doubt they check every piece of stainless, I'd feel certain they check enough at random to be sure it's what they specified. There are some Chinese boat builders who are very strict with their suppliers. Also, a lot of the lighting and hardware isn't locally sourced as many of the builders cater so strongly to the US Market. In general they do a much better job sourcing parts that are available in the US than do the Italian and British builders. With people like Azimut and Sunseeker you'll have just a small part or a light or something that isn't available from any US suppliers other than them.

In your list of manufacturers there, don't forget Cheoy Lee, Horizon, Hargrave, Ocean Alexander, Seahorse, Helmsman and others.
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