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Getting back to products made in China. I work for one of the largest power transmission and hydraulic distributors and remanufacturers in North America. Up until this past June when I retired ( I am now working as a consultant for the same company) I was the General Manager and senior tech engineer for the off highway and hydraulic division. My experience with any mechanical product coming out of China is not good. Their metallurgy quality is almost non existent. Quality heat treating is rare. One of our hydraulic pump manufacturers opened a plant there several years ago to service the far east market and now use that plant to also service the U.S. Almost 50% of their pumps fail in the first month of service. Two years ago I received a call from a local sand and gravel pit to have me come in to design a new system to operate their dredge. They told me not to use Vickers hydraulic components (we're the Eaton-Vickers distributor and Warranty service center for the eastern U.S.) as he was only getting 30 days service from their products. When I arrived I saw they were using bootleg products made in China. I changed them to genuine Eaton Vickers pumps made here. He purchase 2 pumps so he could have a spare. The spare is still sitting on his shelf.
You can have a quality manufacturer in China that does everything right with their assembly process but their small part vendors could be supplying them with poor grade products that will fail prematurely.
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