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the attorney basically said that Volvo had the attitude that as long as they didn't have a class action,then it was like a divide and conquer scenario,or davis vs goliath.Mercruiser had the exact same issue around 2000,and it became a whole thing with boat us ins. Merc.admitted the problem,and made amends.Volvo didn't.The issue arose because the design of the exhaust elbow was too low,and if your stern wave caught the boat as you came off throttle,the exhaust took the water straight into the engine as the exhaust ports opened.Merc solved this by putting a flap to prevent ingress of water,but of course only after they got sued.Since Volvo gas engines are not as widespreadly used(gas) there was not as much exposure.My boat was a four winns,I know Larson had the same problem,and I think pursuit.Sure there were others,but I don't know them.Oh,well,twenty grand poorer,but could be worse,they could have been Volvo diesels.Oh,and ins. co. wouldn't help.
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