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Originally Posted by tinped View Post
After seeing an attorney,he advised us that unless some attorney would put together a class action,it would probably cost me just as much in fees as to repair myself.He also explained that big corps. will gamble this way,because time,and money is on their side.So,it cost me close to twenty grand.So much for standing behind their product.
Unfortunately, this is often the case. They do this to other companies as well. There are many companies that dislike this practice as much as you and don't participate in it. They try to quickly resolve situations and avoid court. But for those who consider legal fees a normal part of their operating expenses, they're rather pay lawyers $50k than you $20k, because they want to avoid any precedent of paying. While they can make you sign not to disclose, if they end up in court on another case the information can be required.

The other game played by corporations is contracts to require arbitration and not court and/or to not allow any class action participation and/or to not allow you to request a jury trial. All three of these are very much to the company's favor. I would bet your warranty from Volvo had one or more of those items in it's clauses.

Then, of course, you have jurisdiction. You want it at your home. They want it at theirs. Again, they often spell that out in contracts.

The only real defense: Don't deal with companies with these practices once you're aware of them.

There have always been carmakers and boat and engine builders with a good reputation for warranty claims and those with bad reputations, much like insurers who pay quickly and those that delay.
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