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I had two Volvo 5.7 (gas) with less than 150 hours on them seize by water ingress,both out of warranty,the 1st by two weeks,both professionally maintained.Volvo took the position that it was a winterization issue,which was disproven by the insurance surveyor both times.Volvo was working with their repair yard to try and push the insurance,and myself to not admit it was not a design issue.I know this because they cc'd me on some private emails by mistake.End result,it came out thru many blogs I'm on that this was an problem with a lot of boats.After seeing an attorney,he advised us that unless some attorney would put together a class action,it would probably cost me just as much in fees as to repair myself.He also explained that big corps. will gamble this way,because time,and money is on their side.So,it cost me close to twenty grand.So much for standing behind their product.
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