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Originally Posted by makobuilders View Post
Why not?

Assuming that you can find a factory recon Tier 3, if it comes from the manufacturer, rebuilt by experts with OEM parts and comes with a (usually half term) warranty, then what's the problem?

Saving $15k on a $35 Cummins is important to many people who don't have huge budgets. Certainly on a home-built boat or a custom made one, doesn't seem like an issue.

Of course if you were walking into a Nordhavn sales office you wouldn't want to, but the person who can afford a $800k base price for a new 40 footer isn't usually concerned about saving 10-20k.
I think you made an important distinction. If building a boat yourself, the savings would be very significant. On the other hand, if buying an $800k or more Nordhavn, you're not going to do it to save $15k. It would also very significantly lower the value of the new Nordhavn. One thing some less than trustworthy builders have done is used old, but new, engines. You'd buy a 2015 boat and not realize the engines or generator were 2011 models. They'd either had them sitting around or bought surplus but your boat's value was significantly reduced by them.
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