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RE: Steading Sails / Get home propulsion

The couple that bought the Dorothy June where sailors and they got a really great deal as she had sunk up to the floor boards, the previous owner had the 671 rebuilt so at least it ran.* We are 43 ton when ready to cruise will approach 45+ tons and *5 6 drafts at the stern keel, so has a deep keel and heavy.* The 58 originally came with a forward mast, which that 58 still had.** So on our 58 the footing and chain stays are sill there.* Well, not actually as I took them off and filled them in, but I know where they were located.*


I talked to a local sail boat rigger about adding masts and sails,* However the cost is like 20K, so fuel saving would not be the main factor.* Having another get home means would be my primary reason for adding sails.* With the get home off the gen we can make head way, 3+ knots, so with the sail might be able to due 5+ knots.*

Our bow thrust has a forward thrust which was meant as a get home but the hydraulic chain drive to the main shaft works better. If we replace the main gen I will replace it with a bigger HP engine, not based the KW. The bow thrust, hoses and hydraulic pump are rated for 3000 psi, but with the present gen can on get about 1500 psi max.* The main gen as about 3,000 hours on it.*

Decisions Decisions Decisions!* If only I had a extra 50K!* **I might be able to get my wife to work full time again!* Then again hell might freeze over.*****
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