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Either one is going to be a crap shoot engine wise. You don't really know how well those engines were maintained over the years. Maybe the low hour one was run an hour every two months, or was run for 200 hours the back in 84 and recently run for three hours when it was put up for sale. Maybe the California weather is easier on engines that aren't used often.

The 3000 hour engine hasn't had much use the last few years as I believe the boat sat on the hard for two years before being launched this year (and still hasn't been started). The freeze/thaw cycles that Maryland sees may be more conducive to corroding internal components if there is any moisture present.

I know we like to think that old engines can run forever (and they can if you throw enough time and money at them) but the older I get the more I become convinced that an engine is just like everything else on a boat. It is simply piece of equipment that will need replaced at some point. A trawler with out an engine isn't worth too much.

My vote is for the boat you like the best and if the engine needs replaced some time in the future, so be it.
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