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RE: Steading Sails / Get home propulsion

Phil Fill wrote:
A*picture of the Dorothy June, 58 ft Roughwater.** With the sails only they could make 3 to 5 knots.* When out in open water they motored and sail at the same time.* They installed fish stabilizers which had to be used when the sails where up. *The last I heard she was in thePanamaarea.* That was 2+ years ago.*****

Unless you are planning on doing long range coastal and/or crossing oceans it would be hard to justify the cost vs. the benefit.***

-- Edited by Phil Fill on Monday 28th of March 2011 02:48:34 PM
*Phil, I think you're right that the only justification a dude boat could come up with to offset the hassle factor and cost is offshore fuel savings and enhanced stability, coupled with a practical 'get somewhere' engine.* Some kind of keel is needed, but many boats have this - Delfin draws 7.5 feet which is pretty deep for a 55' boat.* My experience with years of sailing is that to weather, having a sail up when motoring increases speed at low power settings.* On a trawler, I think something similar would be true - a small sail added to the engine power will also increase speed and efficiency.* The most effect would be on a beam to broad reach where the wind power would simply augment speed, and range.* Off the wind, you'd get a nice effect, but it would have to be howling to be as effective as other points of sail.

We have active fins, that can be set to reduce roll along a less than vertical axis, in other words if on a beam reach you have 10 degress of heel, the system will reduce roll off that 10 degrees and not try to right the boat.

Haven't had the sails built yet, but I can't wait.....

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