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RE: Steading Sails / Get home propulsion

FF - Thanks for posting the interesting power boat sail-detail information... I copied it into my "info" folder. I've been contemplating designing and installing dual mast (forward and rear deck) sail rigs aboard my Tolly. Figure I could get her to ply along at around 4 to 5 knts with the correct rigs up and their sheets wind filled. Each mast's base steps would be heavy duty and would span entire boat width with many points of fastening/securing/mast-stabilization. Both masts would be aluminum composite and maybe bi-folding at 7' center height of about 14' total height with maybe an additional fold joint at the base (so each could be fully dropped to go under bridges) Each having about a 7 to 8' main sail boom. The forward rig may even enable a skinny jib sail... All depending on final calculations. Re sailing in rough weather or odd wave/current conditions... NOT for me. Under those conditions, sales would be furled and both engines would be running! If/when I move forward into this endeavor I'm sure I will have many questions. - Happy sailing.... errrr boating! Art
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