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Originally Posted by WesK View Post
The question is, how much does the circle distort and is it relevant too actually anchoring a boat?

Is it one foot? Five feet? Ten feet? One hundred feet?
Depends on the lattitude.

Then it depends on the rode out.

In much of Puget Sound from what I can tell it is around 30%.

So draw a 100 foot circle and in one dimension, it is only going to be a 70 foot radius.

Now...the million dollar question that needs to be asked, the circle distorted in conjunction with the chart? Is it calculated in lat/long or arithmetically inside the device.

I have to think about this some more and draw things out whether the problem is self correcting or not if on plotters, and what apps are doing to you also.

I know in high lattitudes that most nav is off grid charts because the low angles associated with GPS signals, but also because of distortion of charts.....If I recall correctlyfrom my polar expedition this has got me realky thinking.
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