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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Once again, it wasn't Jeffery that started the thread...but I can see his reaction to some...then again I think he just may want to ignore some too.
I should ignore some...but the target shooting is just too easy.

For what it's worth, my own anchor alarm is very simple and doesn't handle most of the issues I've been bringing up. But it always seems to go back to that - like I can't discuss an issue with navigation, etc. without someone thinking it's all an angle to make money. Guys, I have all the money I need. I'm not looking for some grand scheme to make more on creating free tools to allow people to anchor more safely. I'm done with that part of my life - it's all about giving the money away from here on.

I do love the findings that I have an ego though. Heck, come on, it goes much further than that. There's a difference between having an ego and being confident. I'm way over on the confident side. Way past the line into confidence-land. Always have been. Surprisingly, that's often what makes a good entrepreneur. When a whipper-snapper asks me for business help, I'll most often turn them down if I don't think they're confident enough.

That said, I've alway tried to create products and services that provided real benefits in ways that are less expensive (if not free) while funding it by taking advantages of changing markets. ActiveCaptain was the realization that a major change was happening with guidebooks (all paper products, actually, even paper charts). By taking advantage of that change, boaters could get better information, marinas would strive to be better, and boating could be made safer. Yep, I made money through that path. Isn't that the American way?
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