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Originally Posted by SaltyDawg86 View Post
Man it must be hard to have an ego that big. I mean seriously....

You don't need to make some kind of "non-circle" to anchor. I know on the ship I'm on we don't and we let out way more chain then the average boater. Your circle is so small compared to the size of the earth that it really doesn't matter. Stop trying to make yourself seem smart.
I don't think your ship anchors in the same types of I am pretty sure you have live watches and empires running g in certain extreme weather.

The point is, at higher lattitudes the circle does developed quite the error for being perfectly round.

Some people may not think that's a big deal and that certainly is their right.

But personalities aside, it is an interesting thing for me to enjoy on the forum, I can ignore the personal twists and it just as interesting to me as a lot of the drivel threads started.

Once again, it wasn't Jeffery that started the thread...but I can see his reaction to some...then again I think he just may want to ignore some too.
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