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Originally Posted by Art View Post
Feel I should hijack for a moment due to statements on other posts... Regarding Concussions.

Although there is no other sensible plan/outlook than to have as few as possible throughout your life... they are usually not the end of the world. Many of them are simply "just what life deals".

I boxed, played offence and defense line in football, and, I was in coma for seven days due to automotive head injury... as well as knocked cold for several minutes (20 + scalp stitches) from falling eight feet onto concrete patio - head first... OUCH!!

These "head" items happened years ago. Some in my teens/twenties... eight foot fall in my mid 50's

I'm currently 64. And, going strong!
I'd humbly suggest that surviving an 8' fall, head first, onto concrete is simply lucky... Not sure I'd want to assign a label as to the kind of luck....
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