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"So that second bypass filter only works if thefirst gets plugged?? That must have been designed for very dirty operation orthe original filter is too small."

Bypass oil filters are used in order to be able to'polish' the oil further than a normal full flow oil filter. Normal full flowfilers must maintain a volume and pressure at all times such that their filterratings need to remain relatively course for service life. With a bypass filterin parallel you are able to constantly filter well below normal limits andreduce contaminants and/or safely extend oil life.
I was attracted to these engines during the mid 90's whenworking in service in Shimodate Japan. There were 10 of these engines rackmounted on an outside wall with at least 8 running 24/7/365. They were poweringa very large factory DC electroplate line supplying between 120 and 140 hp eachfor days and weeks on end. When speaking to the techs there I learned that themean time between servicing and rebuilds was months and years while up time wasnear 98% yearly basis.
At that time I was running a 34 Silverton with twin 350'sand the thoughts of that fuel consumption and engine servicing had me dreamingof these diesels which I eventually ended up owning - and at this point in time4 sets of two engines each.

If you like you can read more about bypass filtration atmany sites including BLackstone labs here....
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