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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
New tech..always a gamble jumping on the bandwagon.

Broadband was touted for its great definition and low other radar threads bring up....yes and no. I am happy that I stuck with the now many years old digital radar from Raymarine. Inexpensive, better than I was used to, clearly understand it's fine tuning and limitations, etc....

If doppler is clearly better and can do something old tech can't do, then it should be a no brainer.....but is it? I don't have any experience with it so my thrust is even if you don't get it, most radars on the market today (unless that model or line is having issues) are so superior to radar from just 15 years ago, fallback isn't a bad thing.

Things like ARPA are nice, but it is an automated feature, not a difference in return some improvements are only in add ons, not superior radar.

Unless someone here you really trust has had one and cruised it for awhile, I would try and gets some real world hands on time as advertising definitely was off in my mind for broadband.
You suggest the tried and true. Am I correct in my assessment of open array vs a dome? I'm thinking the 4 kW open array, "older" technolodgy although it is more expensive. It's like twice the money.
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