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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Without questioning your professionalism doc, what do you consider seriously degraded vision past 50?

If the eye test for DOT physicals says 20/20...they don't seem too concerned abut my age. I can read charts fine. But some of that as you explained before is the difference between sight snd vision. Much of the time people hand me stuff to read the fine print, whether they are old, young, glasses or not.

What specifics should I be looking for to signal it's time for optical assistance?

Might have to get closer on a few items during's night vision that I saw evaporate quickly when flying.

I always passed the DOT with 20/20 both near and far when in reality my near vision is 20/30 in my port eye and and 20/55 in my starboard eye. Far vision being 20/50 in my left and 20/20 in my right eye.😊

Not hard to fudge the simple stand behind the line and cover one eye test.
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