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Originally Posted by Baker View Post
There are no "inconsequential errors"!!! There are hundreds of errors with no short term consequences. But left unchecked, they erode skill, vigilance and lead to the progressive disease of sloppiness. This is not being nit picky. Today's unmanaged error may be tomorrow's tragedy!!!

I think this airline stuff is wearing off on me!!!!...
Believe me...went through the early years of all that, helped pen the DoD and USCG risk management initiatives....most of it is totally lost on anyone that isn't in the business where it has become the mantra.

I talk about it with successful businessmen and they give me blank stares back much of the time...but my son just got out of the Nany as an HH60 aircrewman...and he can go toe to toe with me on all the high points of the last 20 years of aviation safety initiatives.

Lots of ways to skin the cat, but aviation seems to always lead the pack for honest error investigation and fleetwide implementation of programs to upgrade any kind of awareness, coordination, communication, standardization, etc...etc....

Plus I was only kidding....there were already some pointers right here just about reading charts and what kind are being used and whether or not tech is hindering some from getting all the info they need to safely navigate.

Funny how some on TF will go on and on about how licensing trades to work on a boats or house electrical systems or plumbing is so important...but they feel eminently qualified to run a boat without the slightest bit of formal training. Dang.....go figure...

The circle never ends.....
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