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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Practice and verification through AIS, RADAR, chartplotter, etc does sharpen those skills.

I have been doing it most of my adult life and people are amazed at my interpretation of distances and use of peripheral vision skills. Even night vision is enhanced by search skills over plain old retina rods and cones explanation.

Often my "seeing" things long before others is because I have experience in extrapolating the shadowing or loss of light from distant light sources that places objects in a field my field of view that are yet unseen.

People who have done this kind of operations at night are probably familiar with the only gets you stares of disbelief from others not a quainted with it....
No doubt practice hones these skills. The challenge for us recreational boaters, even those who are out a lot, is that it's still way less time than someone doing it all day every day.
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