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RE: switching to a trawler from a cruiser

ColonyCove wrote:

Small world.* Welcome to the Trawler Forum.* You may remember from the other site we're on that I went from a Bayliner 3488 to a Mainship 400.* I loved the Bay, but I also
had to consider such things as comfort and range.* The Mainship has been great for Phyl and me.* Good luck with your search.*
Wow! too cool!

I remember, you had the same 3488 I had didn't you???

OK, you're someone that I know has had some of the same boating experiences.

Here's what I have. The admrial has an injury that took her out of boating last summer. It's a nerve thing that makes sudden stressful manuvering and jarring very painful for her. Unfortunately it seems to be a long term thing. She's trying really hard bless her heart but we sometimes can't help what our bodies do to us.

You know how a 3488 rides at planing speeds through 3' wind blown chop. It pounds, it jars... heck its a planing hull boat.

I've spent zip for time on a trawler except dockside admiring. Having made the switch,*did you find that a trawler eliminates the jarring and fast bouncing that a planing hull endures?

Also part of the reason I'm trying to go much larger is not only the stability that size and weight brings, I'm also looking for comfort, and room to move around. In the 2859, or the 3488 everybody tends to congragate near the helm and holds on, waiting to "get there" With the larger boar I think that the natural anxiety that going from a fast boat to a slow one could generate will be alleviated.

Instead of holding on, folks could have a snack, look at the scenery, have a discussion without yelling, even watch a movie, read a book or play with the dog if they were so inclined. The trip will become enjoyable, not just the destination.
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