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switching to a trawler from a cruiser

Thanks very nuch. We've had 3 foot itis plenty of times, and have spent a kings ransom maintaining several*boats so not much on a boat is a big suprise to us at this point.

I'm a newby at trawlers but an experienced boater, and even drove my own 34' cruiser*from Seattle to Whittier, crossing the gulf of alaska.

The big decision is really what model to get and then finding the best bang for the buck on that model.

We like the raised pilothouse design.

We're adament on having a wing engine or twins, although we really like the prop protection that burying a single prop in a keel provides

Our cruising area for the time being will be the gulf of alaska and Prince William sound*but we want the ability to make long distance cruises.

Thats why we're looking at the Hatteras LRC or the Defever. We'd think seriously about something smaller in the raised pilothouse style like a krogen 42*or even a willard 40 if they were equipped with a "get home engine".

This is a decision I'll need to make pretty soon. We'll be launching our present boat for the season may 1 and I'm really sure that the pounding will be intolerable to my boating partner. That will for all intent end my ocean boating career if I don't move us to a nice slow stable trawler. I could putt in our cruiser and we'll try that but its got a 375 HP engine and a 28' planing hull boat has too sharp of a motion*in wind blown 3' chop.

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