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Originally Posted by HeadedToTexas View Post
No experience with boat cooling systems, but plenty of experience with plumbing and marine growth. Someday I hope to remedy the lack of boat cooling experience. So how common is the clogging of through hull piping systems? Is it a once a year thing or a once a week thing? You guys sound like you have pretty established procedures and that makes me think cleaning strainers or fittings where there should be a strainer quite common.

If a guy like me were thinking ahead about what to add to a boat he expected to spend a year at a time on, how would you proactively design seacocks and their associated fittings to make this job easier?

Depends largely on where the boat is, and marine growth and/or slime build-up in that area... so probably no single answer.

Groco crash valves (safety seacocks) or similar would offer an easy method to clean in either direction. OTOH, that would often require a refit. OTOOH, crash valves have their own uses, too.

Their safety seacock conversion (SSC) with flush adapter isn't quite as elegant, but it's also not as expensive and can be fitted to existing seacocks. We have the conversion on three of our four major intake seacocks (two mains and AC; genset seacock on the to-do list).

The rest of an AC plumbing system can stand occasional cleaning too; products like Rydlyme or Barnacle Buster work well for something like that.

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