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As others have advised, you are probably getting sea growth on the outside of your raw water pickup and you need to back flush. Since this is probably a recurring problem, I would set up a semi-permanent system to backflush.

Install a tee right after the elbow on top of the thruhull. Then connect ball valves on both ends of the tee- the straight through end that goes to the pump and the branch with a hose adapter on the branch valve. That way you can isolate the pump and connect a garden hose to the branch.

If the growth is really bad, back flush every time you use the boat. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes if set up as above.

Then after the raw water supply is clear, check A/C air temps. You should get at least a 15 deg drop between the air register outlet and the return air. Any less is an indication of low Freon or raw water system fouling. You can flush with Rydlyme, Barnacle Buster, etc to remove the fouling.

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