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Politics indeed, please I need to know

I used to care a whole lot about what went on in my native CA state. Now I can see that the invasion is real and there is nothing I can do about it except move. I was hoping to a more conservative state. I only want to do this once.

My problem is I love guns and will net be disarmed or have them confiscated from me. I obey the law and my guns have harmed no one. CA is demonizing law abiding citizens while releasing Felons. I see WA is becoming more like CA with each passing day. How sad.

My other like is boats and for a guy six foot ten this is a very real problem.
The plan is to bug all the boat yards for a quick tour until I find a boat.

If the temperature never went above 80 degrees here we would have a hard time moving as we live in a very conservative county.

Its Frisco and LA LA land that have the money and the votes that control our state.

My county sends all our water out of county. Sacramento gets millions of Megawatts of our Hydro power, we get zero from SMUD.

We pay for very, very expensive electricity. Right now I am paying .36/KWH

So maybe we will end up on the Kitsap Peninsula as the wife is on the phone regarding something in Bremerton.

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From Olympia to Everett, all loopy left. Skagit Co. is still OK for now, Whatcom is going loopy left too now, at least Bellingham and surrounds. Even Spokane is going that way now. While there is no income tax now, it comes up about every year and they try again to pass it with all sorts of promises to cut other taxes but its a lie. Once a tax always a tax. We have had morons for a Gov for years now and no end in sight. Both our US Senators are complete idiots, Murray and Cantwell, real morons. My Congressman is a lightweight too, Rick Larsen. Used to be OK on some things, now just another lefty. But that's just politics I guess. I know the OP didn't ask about it.
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