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Originally Posted by dhays View Post
In King or Pierce county, you still will face emissions testing on any vehicle less than 25 years old.

The Tacoma to Everett corridor is very similar politically to much of CA. Not so the rest of the state.

I think the PNW is great, and since you have family here is just an added bonus.

A little clarification on the smog test aspect...

Washington is in the process of phasing out smog testing over the next several years.

Not all vehicles need to be smog tested. Exempt are: motorcycles, Prius's, and ALL vehicles 2009 and newer. Plus some diesels...
Also, many areas are totally exempt from smog testing. For example, I'm in King County, but my zip code is exempt.

Check the WA state website for a complete list:
Washington Vehicle Emission Check Program - FAQ

And yes, the Tacoma - Everett region, as well as Olympia are generally quite liberal. Pretty normal outside of those areas...
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