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Originally Posted by Wxx3 View Post
I know I may not see the right way to do things as others here, but I am not understanding the righteous indignation.

Has no one here been on the internet recently?

But besides that, facts are facts. That seems to be lost in the heat of the emotions.

Most cruising guides say the same thing, why, because they are describing a physical layout that exists. Thus if I say, “turn right after 200 feet and look for the green marker” that’s not plagiarism because you happened to read the exact same description somewhere else.

It’s a fact.

Now, the next issue, is the OP suggesting that this Kayley person sat down with a cruising guide and copied out of it to make posts on AC?

Why, what am I missing?

Is there a reward for making posts on AC? Then I will start tomorrow!!

Anyone who still thinks Jeff should waste his time with this should get a life.

Or better yet go cruising.

Richard waiting for the winds to die down. No wait, I am sure someone else has mentioned that on the internet today. SO SORRY.
I think you're missing one thing. Others who have an interest including the OP who has a relationship with the party he feels was infringed upon and Moonfish who is a commercial member and provides cruising information.

I personally think both sides are wrong. Actually that statement is true in the vast majority of disputes. I think the attackers of AC are going overboard and I think Jeff failed to diffuse the situation as he could have.

However, when all is said and done, I agree with you Richard, that it's being blown out of proportion. I dislike the use of a pleasure forum to forward agendas.

Here's the summary.

Complainant. There are posts on AC that appear to be plagiarized. I reported to AC (although not through the proper channels) and Jeffrey's response didn't satisfy me.

Jeffrey: I reviewed the complaint and talked to the poster. It was my determination that no copy rights had been violated and I allowed the posts to stand as is. That is my final decision. I'm sorry you didn't find my response acceptable. If you would like to discuss further please use the contact shown on the AC website. I'm not going into further detail on a public forum.

Complainant. I am still not satisfied.

That's all really that needed to be said.
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