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Euro 1200 by Bruce Robert`s design

Hi everybody. I am new in this forum as a member. I leave in Brazil, were the trawlers aren't very popular. Here, people prefer speedy boats and lluxury yachsts. But I am a great fan of these boats and in the 70`s I build a wooden boat, based in a traditional fishing trawler, copying some design characteristics of the Grand Banks. I had great moments with this boat!

Now, I am preparing to retyre and am thinking in purchase a trawler to leave aboard for some years with my wife.

Here we dont have to much options, because the market is almost inexistent. Among the few options I found there is a 40 feet steel trawler, built in 2005, sundeck layout, designed by Bruce Robert. The model is the Euro 1200, its a "fast trawler" with hard shines but very well built and manteined. Please, do anybody in the group know these boats and can give-me some impression about it?

Thank you in advance for yours replies
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