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Originally Posted by DHeckrotte View Post
The issue with a simple block and tackle in my mind is that that you're depending upon the maststep fitting/hinge to keep the mast in alignment as it swings down. If it's meaty enough, then no problem but otherwise, don't you need shrouds located transversely in the plane of the mast to keep the mast on center as it swings?

Second question is, where does that mast go when folded down? In jleonards', does it fold past horizontal aft? If so, it must be a bear to get it up so that a tackle would have a decent angle.

Third question is, does anybody find it necessary to fold their FB bimini flat for headroom? Pretty sure ours folds but it ain't obvious; I've got the cover for the wad of folded cloth. I've also got a second cover that appears to enclose the seats and upper helm.

My new mast will readily fold down and rest on the FB's aft railing, but would have to be unhinged/unpinned to fold flatter/lower.
I have no idea whether your boat is a Europa or a Tri cabin. Makes quite a difference.

Mine is a tri cabin (avatar) so my mast is all behind the FB railing. I have a Tabernacle on the deck that pins the bottom of the mast and controls its sideways motion as it descends. It can move at most a few inches sideways, so that has never been a concern.
With the stand I have, the mast lays down high enough to walk on the lazarette hatches beneath it without ducking. The masthead is just astern of the stern rail.

I also fold my Bimini to get into my shelter. I replaced the screws that fasten the rear supports with quick release pins, so with those released and the forward supports similarly released, the whole thing folds back, where a collapsed 3 part boathook is the right height to support it just above the varnished rails.
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