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Hi Steve, my comments below in blue:

"We are considering a 1978 Pacific Trawler. I joined the site in effort to gain some insight to the vessel. a few questions: I believe the vessel you are considering is hull #1 which is a 1973 boat - probably a typo at the sales office. The exact year is not really meaningful if the survey is thorough.

1. Is the Hull cored or solid fiberglass? All 1970 era hulls have balsa cored hulls. No issue if the boat has been cared for.

2. I believe this vessel has the original fuel tanks, 400 gallons in two tanks. what is the life span of these tanks, I think they are steel but unsure since they are painted red. Some of the California built hulls (1973-1976) had a fiberglass liner that formed the fuel tanks with fiberglass. Other boats (like WESTERLY) have separate steel tanks of 360-400 gallons. WESTERLY's tanks are 1973 steel, they were correctly manufactured with half-bowl sumps and drain cocks. Keeping the water out of the bottom of the tanks is the magic process to make these tanks last a very long time. As with all things on a boat, life span is determined by the level of attention and maintenance.

3. wondering the diameter of the shaft, it appears to be about 2". We plan to upgrade to a PSS shaft seal if we purchase the vessel. Think that all shafts are 1-3/4" dia, but there might be an exception. I installed a PSS/PYI shaft seal in 2000, and it has worked well. The key to having a successful installation is to make sure that there is excellent shaft alignment to start with. A friend tried to make this work in his older Grand Banks, but had to remove it as he was unwilling to expend boat units for new motor mounts, and possible new shaft along with balancing the prop.

Any other information for a Newbie would be greatly appreciated. We are long time sailors just now looking at the trawler market and so we have a lot to learn for sure. We do like all the positives about this vessel and will be used primarily in Puget Sound. As I have stated before, these boats provide an excellent set of compromises for inland and protected coastwise cruising. A good survey is needed for any boat, even one 40+ years old.

Thank you for your help! Of Course - Good luck
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