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I use ablative because I never want to grind the bottom build up or pay to have it blasted.

I use cheap Interlux Fiberglass Bottomcote NT.

For 6 months I am on the move with the longest stay in Mid Florida for a month. The bottom remains shiny the whole time except for a week or so at the end of my month sitting in Ft Pierce, Fl. By day two out of Ft Pierce it is shiny again. Now in August in NJ in a heavy fouling is getting a pretty good beard. Historically I would just let it grow till the end of Sept when I haul, inspect, repair and paint the underwater stuff.

If I was going to take a summer trip, I would jump in and clean the rudder and prop as the bottom would self clean in the first 50 miles or so. If not, I would then clean up the bad spots.

I used to use the best (read most expensive) bottom paint available. When I saw and ran the commercial boats that I work on, using various brands of cheaper stuff...I changed my tune.

I use what works for me and isn't a waste of money....but it is predicated on how the boat is used and overall timing of trips, hauls and sits.
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