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FF "Almost all TT do not have real "teak decks" they have a thin teak overlay , usually stuck on as an option ,to a plywood deck structure with a thin GRP over coating..

This teak paint job is very pretty but it is a huge danger to the underlying deck the boat was built with."

There must be a different inventory of Taiwan built boats in the East than here is SW BC, as so far, in 22 yrs of ownership of a Taiwan Built boat, and the observation of so many others, I have not yet seen a single bTaiwan built boat that has the deck covering FF described above.

What I have seen, is that most have a 1/2" thick, properly laid covering, over the molded structure. In almost every case, the teak boards are laid in a black polysulfide bedding material and screwed every 12" or so.

There have been several threads here of TF members pulling up their old, failing decks and replacing, and notably, none of those threads show anything like FF is describing. What those threads have shown, is as I have encountered.
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