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Originally Posted by Lobstah View Post
Great info. I know that growth would take place at an accelerated rate in warmer waters. We were also slipped on a river with up to 6knts of tidal current, so that, combined with much colder water temps would obviously impact a maintenance schedule.

Along the same topic, what are the charges typically paid for your hull maintenance?
People in other areas are shocked when we discuss this. Those in New England and the PNW especially. However, I will say this. Whatever frequency they haul to clean the bottom or paint the bottom, if they did use a diver occasionally they would lessen that. If you're pressure washing and scraping annually, you probably could avoid that by using a diver two or three times a year and you'd extend the life of your bottom paint. Bottom cleaning is one of the most cost effective things one can have done in boat maintenance.
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