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The initial question/survey was posed to a group of usual posters who are biased toward cruising and who use Active Captain. There are probably thousands of multiples of this small slice of boating who do not leave their local area and who wouldn't use Active Captain, or any other on-line cruising aid even if they knew about it. They know their area after years of experience. If they need a prop shop, they know exactly where to find the best one. THAT is the majority of boaters on the Great Lakes of North America...don't know about the rest of the world. The posters on this string would be outliers. I am curious if advertisers really understand who, and how many, actually see their ads. Function of many factors, I'm sure. I will be contacting them.

Active Captain and the other similar internet operations are competing for control in a small niche. Now, they could opt for pay-for-play, but they won't. Why? Because over the long haul this way is more profitable. They want big advertisers on the funding side, and yes they want the entirety of the boating community absorbing the cost...whether they like it or not. Expansion is always in the long range plan.

Active Captain and others are moving into marina management consulting. There's no doubt they're using the data provided to their site. Slick strategy. Anyway, somebody is going to pay for this. If they save the marina money, the boater won't see it. If it costs...they will. Either way, the boater pays....transient AND seasonal. Those that never look at Active Captain will get to subsidize your "free" stuff whether they like it or not. Small businesses who are currently operating local boater information publications will be crushed along the way. I like the regional hard copy material. It's going the way of the newspaper. Hold onto your pocketbook, because "free"....isn't.
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