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Originally Posted by Jim Cooper View Post
I've been going to the Lauderdale and Miami shows for 30 years and yes, IMO they are both a helluva spectacle. Been to the Riviera Beach TrawlerFest and found it to be only adequate. My belief, and I may be wrong, is that the PNW is more "trawler country" than South Florida and hence will yield me better opportunity to see newer model inventories. Other than KK and GB, South Florida doesn't have that large a trawler inventory (new arrivals). There are couple builders I simply haven't found any inventory in Florida, i.e. Helmsman, which is on my short list. Need to scratch that itch and see the boat in person. I'm hoping to purchase new so that some customization is available to me, so speaking directly with the builders and brokers well before I am ready to pull out my checkbook is desired. Having said all that, heck, I've never been to the PNW! At $400 airfare, why not???
I wouldn't say more trawlers in the PNW but you are correct that there are some builders not well represented in Florida shows but showing in the PNW. I was just curious and your answer makes a lot of sense.
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