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Re: Seasickness

Dogs and cats do get carsick and seasick for sure.*

Here is a product that does work.* It is called Thunder Shirt and is used for dogs*with*anxiety.* It was first used for dogs that were*having problems with electrical storms and then found to work in other situations as well.

Usually a dog can hear a thunder storm a lot sooner than a human and they start to get fidgety.* Using the Thunder Shirt has a tremendous calming affect on the animal.* It works on the T touch principle. ** I have never been a big believer in T touch but in this case, if that is the reason, it does work.*

As I understand it, it works as in swaddling a baby does in a blanket.* What ever the reason if we are expecting a storm our dog gets his Thunder Shirt on and we do not have a problem.* It has cured him of his apprehension of riding in both the car and the boat.* He now rides in the back seat and looks out of the window at time where as before he would be wet mouthed and constantly moving around.* On the boat he comes up on the Fly bridge and falls a sleep on the bench. Before he would pace all around the boat and could*never find a spot to lie down.

Here is a link.

I am not connected in any way with this product just know that it works.
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