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So after some thought (which is hard when you only have 2 brain cells left) I figured out how to line up the skeg. Using my trusty laser level I set it up on the long axis of the box keel. Using a plumb bob through the hole for the rudder shaft I was able to locate the center of the rudder shaft and the first alignment hole, at the other end of the skeg.

It was so spot on the laser even lit up the plumb bob through the prop shaft hole. Feeling confident I went on to start drilling holes in the bottom of the keel (shudder) and the stainless backing plate and skeg. I laid the 3/16" backing plate on top of the 1/4" thick skeg channel and drilled the holes at the same time. No small feat when all you have cheap tools. I did have titanium bits and plenty of cooling fluid.

Here's the backing plate in the bottom of the box keel. I would have done more but the bolts I have are too short. The bottom of the box keel has to be at least 1-1/2" thick!!!

More tomorrow.

Yours Aye! Rick
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